TnT’s Excellent Vietnam Food-Venture

Adventure comes in many forms. We trek, we kayak, we scuba dive. We go spelunking one week and swim with whalesharks another. We climb mountains (or at least try) and cross deserts on camels (even if we sometimes fall off). We hang out with exotic tribes, overnight in lost monasteries, and explore the world’s most exotic destinations. To us, the true meaning of adventure means discovering what’s out there.

So when we got to Saigon and found large numbers of travelers living off of egg fried rice, I nearly had an aneurysm . How can people come to Vietnam and only eat fried rice? It’s a sin, a tragedy, a crime against food-humanity. After much soul-searching (and five months in the Philippines), our mission was clear: to explore the phenomenal food of Vietnam and introduce it to our readers.

During our time in Vietnam, we will alternate between typical TnT blog postings and Food-Venture postings which will document our daily food discoveries along the way. Enjoy, and start planning you trip to the closest Vietnamese restaurant.

Vietnam Food-Venture Posts

12 responses to “TnT’s Excellent Vietnam Food-Venture”

  1. avatar Dad says:

    I lived on egg fried rice for a year when I was there…actually kinda miss it some times. I hope your culinary adventure turns up some gems like the fish market in the Philippines a few weeks ago.

  2. Um meinem (schlechten) Ruf gerecht zu werden, muss ich mich natürlich sofort zu Wort melden, wenn es um Essen geht, oder Thomas?
    I am soooooo exited about your new feature and hope to get some droolworthy pictures as well…

  3. avatar nina says:

    Do try Banh hoi thit heo quay cuon. It’s rice vermicelli and roasted pork served with rice papers and veggies. Tried it at Ngon on Pasteur street. So good!

  4. Oohhh . . . you’re killin’ me here. KILLIN’ ME.

    • avatar Tony says:

      Actually Laurelle, it was your fantastic blog Blunt About Food (and a desperate need for some serious good food after the Philippines) that motivated us to make Vietnam all about the food. And let me tell you, woman, it is phenomenal!!!

  5. avatar Ken Leang says:

    Some of your mom’s favorite:
    1 Bam tam tit nuong
    2 Vietnamese crepe w/shrimp
    3 For dessert-Char Ba Mau

  6. Awesome, I just returned from Hanoi and had an incredible time exploring Vietnam’s culinary cauldron. I’m looking forward to your food reviews!

    • avatar Tony says:

      Migrationology, nice blog. When we get more time on the Internet, we are going to sit down and really explore it.

  7. avatar Spencer says:

    I loved the food in Vietnam! Infact I am probably the only traveller in the world who PUT ON weight when I was there.

  8. avatar Thomas says:

    When Tony suggested focusing on Vietnam’s food, it didn’t take much convincing.

    I’m already sad because I know we have so little time and there’s so much to eat…

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