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ContemporaryNomad.com is our experiment in contemporary nomadic living. We are Tony and Thomas, two virtual nomads who, one day in 2007, decided sedentary life in Berlin wasn’t working for us, so we quit, sold off our worldly possessions, packed, and left. We’ve been on the road since then.

TnT in Gokyo Valley, Nepal

The blog portion of the site will detail our daily adventures, share our discoveries, and include lots of opinion on what we experience. The exciting thing about this blog is that it will be presented from two perspectives (like a 3D movie), which will present a more realistic view of this quickly changing world, its inhabitants, cultures, landscapes, and cityscapes.

Visit often and explore the world with us. In the blog and the larger website, we’ll share our tips on long term travel with you as well as the highs and lows of exploring the world off the beaten track. Enjoy the journey!

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  1. Where are you guys! Does this all end at 2013? I hope not, your photos are wonderful!

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