Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

“What was that sound?” I asked Thomas as I took another serving of caramelized pork.

Thomas reflected and savored his last bite of river eel with green banana, “I think the electric fan is rusty. It’s just squeaking.”

“Oh, OK.” I responded.

I was eying the last bit of mustard leaves sauteed with garlic when a thump, thump, thump announced our guest’s arrival.

The second biggest rat I had ever seen in my life marched right into the restaurant and shot under our table towards the couple sitting behind us. It scuttled and scooted along the wall until it reached the electric fan. Suddenly, the fan went off.

(Awkward Pause)

“Can I have the rest of the mustard leaves?” I asked.

River eel with green banana


In the interest of full disclosure, the biggest rat I have ever seen was a monster mutant in Thiruvananthapuram, capital of the Indian state of Kerala.

3 responses to “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”

  1. Funny post and fun picture of Tony! I wonder if more rats are driven indoors by the heavy rains?

    I was going to comment on Mr. Cu’s photos, that there were a couple of his photos under “Agriculture” that show a boy in a flooded field with a pile of dead rats at his feet, and freshly-skinned ones in his proud hands. I know it’s a cultural bias of mine, but is rat considered good eating in SE Asia?

  2. avatar Puxesaco says:

    I believe rats are commonly referred to as caramelized pork in some countries…..

  3. avatar Tony says:


    That rat could have fed an army!


    Yep, rats are everywhere. And that dinner is on a floating barge restaurant on the very flooded Perfume River.

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