Great Tapas in Seville

Seville tapas

OK, it’s not exactly hard to find tapas in Spain. But it is a bit of a challenge for visitors to find GOOD tapas here when they don’t know the secret hot spots. Honestly, we were about to give up hope until we got to Seville. The city’s tapas scene is very competitive and Sevillanos have some pretty high standards.

A bit of research led us to Vineria San Telmo. The amazing little cafe serves up some seriously delicious, extremely innovative tapas that finally made it clear to us what tapas should be. Dishes include mouth-watering creations such as:

  • Tower of layered tomato, aubergine, goat cheese, and smoked salmon “au gratin”
  • Fresh grilled foie gras with apple compote
  • Roast leg of lamb stuffed with basil and tarragon served with couscous
  • Duck breast with chutney and yucca chips
  • Moroccan pastry filled with chicken, almonds and cinnamon
  • Warm cabbage salad with mascarpone, gorgonzola, raisins, pinenuts, and a reduction of balsamic vinegar

It’s every bit as good as it sounds and, being a vineria, there’s plenty of wine to keep everyone happy. Unfortunately, we only managed to get a table at the restaurant on our last day in Seville, which was a major tragedy because we didn’t get to try every single dish on the menu. Be warned, you need to book early to get in for dinner; however, if you can’t get a table for dinner, you can usually get in for lunch. (I wish someone had given us that tip.)

3 responses to “Great Tapas in Seville”

  1. avatar Carol Elices says:

    ¡Hola chicos! You are in one of my favorite cities on the planet! Enjoy!
    Un abrazo fuerte, C

  2. avatar Tony says:

    Carol is right, it doesn’t get much better than Seville. And it tastes good, too… just like candy. (Am I showing my age with that last comment?)

  3. avatar Sam says:

    Yum yum yum! I’m really looking forward to our brief stop in Madrid on our way back to Europe in a couple of months, if only for the chance to stuff our faces with tasty things like this! I’ve been to Seville a couple of times before, but never heard of this place. It’s going on the list for next time, though!

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