Seville Splendor

Seville tilework

Beyond the delicious tapas, Seville is also a feast for the eyes. And it’s not just futuristic architecture, the remarkable city is full of distinctly Andalusian detail. The dizzyingly elaborate tile work and ornately carved roofs of the city’s Alcázar bring the rich Islamic past to life. That past extends to the crenelated and carved splendor of the Torre del Ora, the Giralda and the impressive remnants of the once grand city walls.

And not to be outdone by cities such as neighboring Cordoba, Seville has its fair share of monumental gardens including those in the Alcázar as well as the sprawling Parque de María Luisa, which is easily one of Europe’s most magnificent public parks.

From the imposing Plaza de España to the city’s mammoth cathedral, Seville has some serious sights to behold, so make sure you set aside several days to take it all in.

QUIRKY HISTORICAL NOTE: When the Cathedral of Seville was completed in the 16th century, the building stole the title of “world’s largest cathedral” from Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, which had held the title for 1000 years. Bizarrely, Hagia Sophia was a church that was converted into a mosque. The Cathedral of Seville was a mosque that was rebuilt into a church.

Seville's Plaza de España

Seville's stunning Alcázar

Ornate roof in Seville's Alcázar

Torre del Oro

Cathedral of Seville

Ornate roof of Seville's Alcázar

Seville Alcázar gardens

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