Traditional Sculpture and Carving of Sumba

Carved fence post

As we mentioned in our posts on the megalithic tombs and the unique tribal villages of Sumba, incredible artistic talent is woven into every aspect of Sumbanese daily life. During our motorbike adventure around the island, I was drawn to the phenomenal sculpture and carvings that we discovered on our trip. These are not objects in a museum, but rather religious idols, fence posts, and carved architectural elements we discovered in the compounds of everyday people we met along the way. Unfortunately, while such art is still relatively common in Sumba, collectors are taking their toll as these treasures are being carried off to art houses in Bali, Yogyakarta, Jakarta and beyond.

Carved hut columns

Traditional roof carvings

Carved fence post on cattle pen

Carved idol at hut entrance

Carved fence post on cattle pen

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