Yeti Territory

Official Tourist Map

I couldn’t wait to see my first yeti as we were heading into yeti territory. Was I to look for packs, for schools, for herds of yeti, or for solitary ones? This was all new and our guide book didn’t provide us with much information; however, the official map of the Khumbu region did reference a yeti attack near Macherma.

Yeti Hunting Ground

On a day walk up to Renjo La Pass, which we considered a perfect yeti spotting site, we heard what we thought must have been a classic cry of a yeti. Some people dismissed this later arguing it could have been a yak in heat (how dare they).

After a long day of hiking and looking into every cave-like outcropping, all we found was a footprint of a rather smallish female (my educated guess). No real yeti sighting, but at least we were on the right track.

Yeti Footprint

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  1. avatar laurelle says:

    If you guys see a yeti, you win, hands down! There is nothing anyone (not even I) could do to top that. Not even petting a manatee. I’m already jealous-for-life of your Himalayan odyssey.

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