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Kathmandu Traffic

Crossing a road in China without being hit was a huge challenge, but the same task is almost impossible in Nepal. The traffic here is beyond words.

What should be a simple process (although confusing sometimes because of the left-hand driving) – look right, look left, look right again, and walk – turns out to be a major undertaking, and we are not even talking a main road. Walking over any road in Kathmandu is a violent attack on all of your senses. Not only do you have to look in every direction at the same time, you have to feel your way through traffic.

Every time I walk out of the hotel, I feel like I’m a character in a video game. Getting from point A to point B involves running in a zigzag motion, and jumping and rolling to avoid speeding taxis, rickshaws, insane motorcyclists, bicyclists, and bewildered tourists. It’s insane! Unlike those video game characters, I only have one life, and half of my days are consumed to stay in the game.

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