Cho Oyu South Base Camp

Tony and Thomas at Cho Oyu South Base Camp, Nepal

We both love Cho Oyu – from the Tibetan side and the Nepali side! For that reason, we decided to hike from Gokyo to Cho Oyu base camp, a very long 20-kilometer (12 mile) trek roundtrip through hills of glacial rubble along the Ngozumpa Glacier up past the fourth and fifth lakes towards the sixth lake region.

Few trekkers actually continue all the way to Cho Oyu because of the length of the trip and the remoteness of the location, but that didn’t stop us. Motivated by the mountain itself, we just kept plugging along until we finally got there. (I must admit we lost the trail several times along the way – there was some profanity involved!)

Avalanche off of Gyachung Kang, Nepal

After hours of climbing up and down over the rubble, we finally made it to our destination only to be greeted with three spectacular avalanches: one off of the nearby Gyachung Kang and two off of Cho Oyu itself. The isolation and stunning landscapes made it all worthwhile.

But don’t plan your trip up Cho Oyu from Nepal. Although the Nepali base camp has been used, those who have attempted to climb the mountain from Nepal have died!!! You’d better plan your trip up the super-mountain from the Tibetan side like the rest of them.

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