Wheel of Misfortune

Many Southeast Asian Buddhist temples bear a vague resemblance to casinos – spiritual casinos that is. Often, there are all sorts of gadgets strategically placed next to the altars to help people part with their money –  in exchange for some good karma. Normally, the amount of good fortune is directly proportional to the donation. So, I knew I was taking a gamble when I spent only half a ringgit (15 cents). But I wasn’t too worried. After all, the machine had just spit out a glorious fortune for Tony. When I started reading mine, however, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Wow! Who needs religion with encouragement like this? (Or, maybe, that is exactly the point.)

3 responses to “Wheel of Misfortune”

  1. avatar lisanunn says:

    And Tony got a good one?! What a rip off.

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