That’s Bananas!

Microscopic Bananas

Just when I thought I had seen every kind of banana – yellow, green, red, bent, straight, big, small – I came across the smallest bananas imaginable. They were so small that ten of them fit comfortably into Tony’s palm. What was so fascinating, however, wasn’t the microscopic size but that it took Tony several bites to finish one off.

Tony Enjoys Mini Banana

2 responses to “That’s Bananas!”

  1. avatar sean says:

    I was wondering what the name of those bananas are

    • avatar Thomas says:

      I just did a google search and found that there are many, many forum discussions about banana types. If you look for small bananas, you quickly realize there are about a hundred names – scientific names, common names, regional names. Perhaps what we ate were finger bananas or manzano bananas…

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