Thomas, Narcel, Jean-Marc, Cheky, and Tony at Squidos

Before leaving El Nido, we have to mention Squidos, our absolute favorite restaurant. (In all honesty, it’s the only restaurant we’ve eaten at). The French owner Jean-Marc and his Filipino wife Narcel have quickly included us in their circle of friends, and eating at their restaurant feels more like meeting old friends over a home-cooked dinner.

The food at Squidos is simply fantastic. And it’s no wonder they serve killer meals considering Narcel’s killer instincts. This woman can dish it out. Anyone who can get away with – well, not murder – but with punching a cop, deserves a thumbs up. That’s right. Narcel slapping a corrupt police officer has become my favorite dinner time story. When the outraged cop threatened to arrest her, Narcel simply pulled out her phone and called a famous Philippine crime-busting reality show. And, suddenly, she was free to go.

Seafood Curry Platter at Squidos

I would trust that woman anytime – and most definitely with my meals. If you don’t believe me, try Squidos’ scrumptious fried chicken or the finger-licking seafood curry platter. With their French taste for food, Filipino hospitality, and warm welcome, Jean-Marc, Narcel and their fun staff- especially Cheky – will be greatly missed.

3 responses to “Squidos”

  1. avatar jeremy says:


    Do you recommend any guesthouse to stay in El Nido?

    • avatar Thomas says:


      There are many, many guesthouses in El Nido along the beach. If you are going there now, in the low season, there should be plenty of good-value choices. It’s not a big place, so just walk up and down and look at a few. Make sure, there are no roosters kept behind your room, unless you like to get up really early.

  2. avatar jean marc says:

    this is true,by far thw best in town.the only one awarded best food in el nido by the prestigious conde nast .see you soon guys

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