Room with a View

You need to pamper yourself a little to survive the onslaught of the Indian experience. Long term travelers, in general, must recognize the necessity for some downtime; in India, the need to pull back is a hundred fold. Sensory overload, or perhaps complete system breakdown, is a serious risk. For us, Dream Heaven comes just in the nick of time.

Although the name might sound a little kitschy at first, Dream Heaven describes the guesthouse perfectly. Although a budget hotel, it provides a sense of luxury and serenity that has been lacking in our lives for quite some time. We’ve opted to “splurge” on the beautiful room overlooking the old city with a sunken bathtub and a fantastic private terrace which is perfectly shaded from the midday heat. At $12.50 a night, we really hit the jackpot – certainly none of the $400 dollar a night hotels in Udaipur have a better view.

Tucked away in the peaceful Hanuman Ghat, Dream Heaven is the perfect hideout from the rickshaw mafia, tourist touts, and the frenzy of Udaipur’s tourist scene. Most days we simply hang out in Dream Heaven’s rooftop restaurant luxuriating among the colorful I-Dream-of-Jeannie cushions under the whitewashed domes sipping delicious cold coffees and chatting with travelers from all over the world. When it all becomes too exhausting, we retreat to our private balcony for a lunch of fresh mangoes and bananas and spend the afternoon looking out over Lake Pichola.

In the evening, we claim our table in the corner of the restaurant overlooking the lake and wait for the nightly show: flocks of green parakeets, white ibises, and multicolored storks swirl around the rooftop restaurant followed by swarms of small bats circling above our heads. But, as Thomas mentioned in the previous posting, the highlight comes around 7:30 PM when the skys fill with flying foxes, a spectacle of nature unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Certainly, there is no better view in town.

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  1. avatar Beverly says:

    I love reading about Udaipur. It sounds so wildly exotic – stunning architecture, flying foxes, sunken tubs and Octopussy re-runs! What more could one want!

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