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  1. avatar evelyn says:

    Wow! I loved this video – watched it twice. It’s much better in high quality format. The music you choose to go with your videos are always enjoyable, but this accompaniment really added an additional dimension to the viewing experience. You guys are not only mastering yourselves and the mountains but also the communication media. Thanks as always, and do take care. Hugs from San Diego!

  2. avatar laurelle says:

    How could it get better than that? What an amazing experience. The country you travelled through is breathtaking and your stamina is impressive. Seize the day!

  3. avatar EmilyRose says:

    Hi, Tony loved your video. Good producing Thomas! Wow, did people know they where going to be on the internet.
    How was the soup you tried, Tony? Was the backpack hard to hike with and was the bridge you crossed scary?
    Miss you hope to see you soon, Eitnier family was watching too!

  4. avatar Tony says:

    Hi Emily,

    Thanks for the nice comments. Thomas worked for hours putting the footage together and mixing in the music. The soup (gruel) was aweful. The backpack was extremely heavy and made hiking on the narrow trails quite difficult.

    The bridge wasn’t scary to me. In fact, I walked across it four times to get the footage for the video. But Thomas, who hates heights, didn’t feel the same way.

    Great to hear from you. Keep watching and making comments – we would love to hear what you think.

  5. avatar nyartmaker says:

    [..YouTube..] Great video. Which music is this?

  6. [..YouTube..] The credits for the music are at the end of the video. As far as I can remember, the music was by Milind Date, an Indian musician (absolutely beautiful music!)

  7. avatar vzzzbx13 says:

    [..YouTube..] Great video! I trekked from Lamayuru to Darcha last year. This video gave a real sense of being there again. I recognized most of it. Very nicely shot and put together.

  8. avatar anneannicus says:

    [..YouTube..] Hi guys! Great couple of videos – definitely an inspiring place! I was just wondering how long it took you guys…Unfortunately I’m on a bit of a schedule..never thought I’d have to say that! 🙂 So I would like to know how many days I’ve realistically got to play with. Happy to walk brisk consecutive min 8 hr + days with a full pack. Do you think 12 days of actual hiking Lamayuru to Darcha (w/sidetrip to Phuktal) would sound feasible for yourselves?



  9. [..YouTube..] @anneannicus

    Hi Anne, the complete trek including Pukthal took us 19 days. We did walk at least 8 hours a day, often even 11 hours. I don’t think you could do it in 12 days. As far as I remember there are 9 passes, high ones, you have to cross.

    Good luck! I know you’ll enjoy it.

    You can also break up the trip – do either Darcha to Padum or Padum to Lamayuru if you don’t have enough time.


  10. avatar anneannicus says:

    [..YouTube..] Hey Thomas! Thanks for getting back to me with that info – he he 🙂 now I have to decide which half 🙂 Which would you recommend for spectacular scenery, remoteness, cool villages.. or which half for what? 🙂 anything stand out in particular from either half? probably a hard question 🙂 Cheers!

  11. [..YouTube..] @anneannicus

    Hi Anne,

    it’s been a couple of year since we did the trek, so I don’t know how far the road construction extends. The main reason why we did the Zanskar trek was the road being built into the area. Maybe, you should do a little online research to see where the road goes. Other than that, both halves were fantastic. From Darcha to Padum you have Pukthal, of course, which was great. From Padum to Lamayuru you have many passes to cross, which makes it a very rewarding challenge.

  12. [..YouTube..] Great stuff!

  13. avatar Maatias58 says:

    [..YouTube..] I’ve been there 24 years ago It seems to be yesterday. We did Padum Hemis afterwards, we visit Zangla “King” in Zangla a very informed man.

  14. avatar Keren says:

    Hey Guys
    Great video, thanks for sharing this!

    Can I please ask a couple of questions, I am intending to do this trek with my husband next year. We are both Ladakh fanatics(even got married there) so we can’t wait to explore Zanskar.
    Did you do this trek without guide/porter? Did you carry all the equipment including food yourself?
    Is it at all possible to do this trek relying on sleeping solely in home stay(this way avoiding carrying a tent?)
    Please get back to me when you can
    Again, many thanks!
    Keren and Danny

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