The Art of Hanging Around

Elin is a chaos pilot. That doesn’t mean she graduated from some backwater second-class flying school. Oh no! She is studying at Kaospilot International in Sweden, a school for young entrepreneurs and project leaders.

What sounds rather dry and business-suit-like turns out to be quite the opposite. When we met Elin in our hotel in Udaipur, she was on a mini-vacation from her latest 3-month project in Mumbai. We’re not talking a banking internship or an assignment on the growing high-tech industry – her project is simply titled “Mumbai Music – The Art of Hanging Around.”

Of course we were completely clueless, so Elin had some explaining to do. (But not before she performed a little experiment on how to get the preservative glycerol out of Indian Kingfisher beer. Unfortunately, her timing was a bit off and the beer she had borrowed from another traveler for the sake of the experiment ended up all over the table. Let’s just say, it was not pretty.)

Elin went on to explain that she and a group of other Kaospilot students are working in collaboration with the Swedish journalist Jonas Lennermo on a book about world music. The students’ project is on Bollywood music, a behind-the-scenes approach of hanging out with the music elite and getting to know the musicians on a personal level. If you are into Bollywood movies, you may know which elite I’m talking about, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy or Vishal & Shekhar who made the music to Om Shanti Om. (You may be going, “Shankar what?” That was pretty much my reaction too.)

Needless to say that Elin’s view of India is completely different from ours: Elin spends time hanging around fancy clubs with people floating in money, Tony and I spend time hanging around bus stations and vegetable markets with the common man. (Although, she can’t completely avoid the downside of India. Elin regularly refers to her hotel room in Mumbai as a total sh**hole).

For the time being, all three of us are practicing the art of hanging around – whether this may be on the roof terrace or in the swimming pool sipping a cold drink.

Visit Elin’s Blog (in Swedish) to find out what she’s up to.

Check out the Kaospilot program and learn more about it.

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