Racing through the Chocolate Hills

Of course, the requisite visit to the Chocolate Hills view point is on everyone’s itinerary when they come to Bohol. Called the Chocolate Hills because the hillocks go cocoa-brown in the dry season, the site is one of the most famous natural attractions in the Philippines, especially for Filipinos.

But we thought the tempting landscape of 1776 conical karst formations merited more than a quick snapshot from a viewpoint. So when a couple of locals offered to give us a motorbike tour of the scenic backcountry, we quickly hopped on – without considering the fact that it had rained heavily the day before.

Shooting down the muddy tracks past the Eight Sister Hillocks through the shady palm groves, emerald rice fields, and quaint rural villages, it was a challenge to take in our surroundings while confronted with an almost certain wipeout. Our drivers plowed through huge stretches of deep mud miraculously staying upright the entire time. Clearly, monsoonal rains weren’t going to hold these guys back.

In the end, since we didn’t wipe out, it ended up being a fantastic way to take in some of Bohol’s beautiful countryside and appreciate the scale of the unique karst formations. Highly recommended for those with good balance 🙂

How to Arrange a Motorbike Tour through the Chocolate Hills

Locals with mopeds/motorbikes wait at the turn off to the Chocolate Hills Complex before you start the drive up the hill. We paid 250 Pesos per bike for a one-hour tour along a dirt loop-road that passes through the center of the Chocolate Hills.

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  1. avatar taz says:

    Did you go to Virgin Island? One of the stops when you do island hopping. Great video on your diving in Balicasag. That place is just awesome. We only did snorkeling when we were there.

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