Screw This!

When I pulled a piece of clear plastic out of my Spaghetti a la Puttanesca during lunch today, I was just reminded of all the odd things we’ve found in our food throughout the years.

There was the sizable screw in a piece of corn bread I bought in Thailand or the spiral metal shaving embedded in my doner kebab in Germany. Imagine Tony’s surprise when he discovered a cockroach in his sticky rice in Cambodia or a freakishly long nail in his mutton biryani in India. Not to mention the occasional rock, piece of barbed wire, band-aid, match, fingernail or hair (and I’m not talking about the silky, straight ones).

Nutritional values aside, this is mostly stuff that should stay in tool boxes, first-aid kits or people’s pants. I can’t stop wondering how these things make their way into dishes. It can’t all be accidental, can it?

5 responses to “Screw This!”

  1. Thomas, I think it’s time you came to terms with reality. This food sabotage is no accident. Allow Tony to take the first bite. Be vigilant. Be very vigilant. 😉

    And by the way . . . . HAPPY BIRTHDAY early!

  2. Outrageous, preposterous, insightful… I mean outlandish. I never!!! 😮

  3. avatar Rachel Baker says:

    Leo says stick to Milk!!!

  4. avatar Benjamin says:

    Well it’s quite easy: If you eat all that inceddible thinks out of the worldwide food – our food is save! Thanks for that!

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