Durbar Square Patan

If you want to see a great concentration of intricate Newari architecture, Patan is the place to go. Patan is the second-largest town in the Kathmandu valley and is separated from Kathmandu only by the Bagmati River.

Metalwork Shop Patan

It is a network of interlocking courtyards, squares, ponds, twisting alleys with metalwork shops and temples many of which are richly decorated with wooden carvings or are gilded with brass or copper.

Golden Temple Patan

A beautiful example is the Golden Temple, a small Buddhist monastery with a copper-gilded facade and with ornate metalwork lining the inner courtyard.

Intricate Metalwork at Golden Temple in Patan

Tony, who can never get enough of Buddhist and Hindu temples, Ganesh shrines and stupas, had plenty of photo opportunities walking over Patan’s Durbar Square and exploring its fascinating backstreets.

Ganesh Shrine Patan

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    Oh, the golden temple looks so pretty!
    I’m very glad to hear you got your laptop and other stuff back!
    Küssles to the mountaineering guys from Leonie

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