Loving Tulamben

New two-month Indonesian visas in hand, we’re back in Bali and this time we’ve come up to the northeastern corner of the island to do more diving.

In contrast to the traffic-ridden mini-Los Angeles that has formed in the southern part of the island, little Tulamben is a breath of fresh air. (Literally.) And the trip over the beautifully terraced mountains to this little hideaway was icing on the cake. It feels like we are a million miles away.

Our comfy little hotel room has a beautiful ocean view from the front balcony and an incredible view of Mt. Agung, a rather intimidating volcano, out back. With air-conditioning, hot water, a canopy bed, and a beautiful little pool, at $23 a night, Mimpi Bali is quite a steal. And with the U.S.S. Liberty wreck just five minutes walk from our front door, what more could any dedicated divers ask for?

It turns out that there still are some bargains to be found in paradise.

5 responses to “Loving Tulamben”

  1. Very nice, indeed. It sounds/looks like more my speed. Have fun you two.

  2. avatar Denise says:

    I was in Bali for two weeks recently, and I regret staying in the South. I wish I had ventured north and got away from the disneyland bits of the island.

  3. avatar Rachael Gaedeke says:

    Beautiful photos, hope to stay there in Feb of 2012. Do you happen to have contact info for Mimpis Bali? I can’t seem to find them online.

  4. avatar Van Doan says:

    I think you forgot to add a zero to the price per night. It’s more like $240 a night, quite pricey.

    • avatar Thomas says:

      Hi Van Doan,

      There’s also a Mimpi Dive Resort in Tulamben which is a lot more expensive. I assume you must have looked at that. If you check our posting and follow the link to Mimpi, you should get to the right hotel. I just checked the rates on their web site and they still quote $30 – $50 per night depending on the season.

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