Leipzig Christmas Market

Thomas and I, along with our friend Armin, decided to hop down to Leipzig to take in the city’s Christmas market, one of Germany’s up-and-coming alternatives to the manic super-markets in Dresden and Nuremburg.

Leipzig has made the VERY WISE choice to allow the market to sprawl throughout the entire old town rather than confining it to one location, which means that visitors can actually manage to move. Yay.

As you can see, there are treats galore: gingerbread, chocolate, Christstollen, candied fruits, glühwein, potato pancakes, eierpunch, fruit bread… and check out my half-meter bratwurst!!!! (No that’s not some kind of euphemism.)

2 responses to “Leipzig Christmas Market”

  1. avatar Greeneyes says:

    Now that’s a way to celebrate the Holidays

  2. avatar Evelyn says:

    Happy holidays, TnT! Thinking of you and sending giant hugs! Glad to see that you’re prospering over there. 😉

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