Berlin Wall Art

By Tony – Berlin, Germany 2003-2013

For 28 years, the stark cement blocks of the notorious Berlin wall reminded Germans and travelers to Germany that they were on the front lines of the Cold War. As the western city rebuilt into its cement cage, a traumatized population began to express their anger in paint. What started out as graffiti on an architectural scar grew into extended visual commentaries on a divided nation caught up in the ultimate ideological battle. And then, the battle ended. As Germans rushed to tear down their symbol of division, some realized a work of art was being destroyed as well – and that at least part of it was worth saving.

2 responses to “Berlin Wall Art”

  1. avatar Katy says:

    I am doing a senior project on art in low income communities with a sub prong on the art at berlin wall. it would interest me to speak with anyone who wrote the comment (for 28 years…) on the homepage, to research my topic. anyone else with knowledge pertaining to the subject of art in situations of poverty, suppression or distress can contact me at [email protected]. Thank You.


  2. avatar Renuka says:

    Gorgeous! I can only imagine how enchanting the wall art must look in real.

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