Berlin Street Art

The picture above WAS one of my favorite pieces of street art in Berlin. Not long ago, I entered the small back alley near Hackescher Markt where it was located and discovered – much to my shock and disappointment – that this stunning full-wall mural had been painted over. Uggghhhh.

Interestingly, I find myself wondering whether it was the artist himself or a competitor who painted over this not-so-little masterpiece. In its place, a sprawling comic-like commentary on the street art tour groups which regularly visit (shown in last picture in the pictorial below). Hmmm, act of aggression or social commentary – who knows? But the loss of the beautiful painting did emphasize the ephemeral nature of Berlin’s street art. Ever since, we’ve become a little obsessed with photographing the works that we find scattered around the city. Definitely expect more street art collections to come.

Check out more Berlin street art here.

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