Jungle Fever

From Chitwan to Kinabatangan, our postings on “the jungle” have mostly focused on the wildlife – and rightfully so. But as we explore Kutai National Park, we thought we should take a moment and turn the camera on ourselves as we track wild orangutans, providing a little glimpse into our daily routine.

Becky and Thomas wait quietly in a patch of ferns. Many people comment that we are extremely lucky to have seen so much amazing wildlife. It’s not luck – it’s A LOT of waiting. Wildlife spotting is ten percent luck and ninety percent patience.

Like some mad 19th-century colonial, Thomas is always hard at work on his bug collection (in photo form). He once spent 45 minutes photographing a single beetle!!! One of these days, we’ll actually post his collection in a pictorial.

Becky and I strain our necks to follow a 45-year-old female orangutan struggling her way through the canopy. We followed her for more than an hour watching her strip bark from various trees. Even at the ripe old age of 45, this woman has got some moves. She’ll definitely be in our upcoming video.

Thomas is entranced by a mother orangutan and her baby moving precariously through the trees. The display of aerial acrobatics leaves us in awe.

Ravenous after a hard day in the jungle, Romain and Emelie show off their amazing meals while the rest of us envy their infinitely superior food. Sometimes it pays to have a cook!

After a muddy day of orangutan tracking, I wash out my laundry by hand. When this photo was shot, there was a 5-foot monitor lizard walking around just below the deck.

Thomas, Becky and I wake ourselves up with some coffee before we head out at 6:00 AM to track gibbons. Tracking wildlife would be much easier if we were morning people.

Now if you wait patiently until our next post, you just might see some orangutans. 🙂

3 responses to “Jungle Fever”

  1. avatar Evelyn says:

    Waiting! 😉

  2. avatar Freda says:

    Hey Mr.
    Now that’s one curios and nervy walking stick.

  3. Hi guys, seems like you had yourselves an awesome time in Borneo’s rainforests. I just got back a few weeks ago and have plans to go again in October. Are you guys passing Kuala Lumpur anytime soon? Would love to meet up.

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