Orangutans of Kutai National Park

As Tony promised in his latest posting, we are once again turning the camera back on the wildlife and jungle. Hours and hours spent watching orangutans high up in the trees was quite a treat, but it may also require future treatment for a serious case of neck strain. That said, after viewing our video, I’m sure you’ll agree it was more than worth it.

5 responses to “Orangutans of Kutai National Park”

  1. avatar carrieannmarco says:

    I LOVE love love love love that video!!! I have been wondering when you would see orangutans! SO exciting! I also LOVED those insects! Big smile on my face right now! xoxo MUAH!

  2. Great video. It brought back good memories of my visit to Kutai in 2010. I recognised your guide – the chain smoking guy with the moustache – he was very informative. I can see a good zoom lens is very useful.

    • avatar Tony says:

      Yes, that’s him. The chain smoking was his one major fault, but it didn’t seem to scare away the wildlife. Kutai is fantastic and, you’re right, a good zoom lens helps a lot.

  3. avatar Tina Scharf says:

    Hey Tony and Thomas,
    What a great website! I am so glad we made your acquaintance in Ollanta.
    We are just getting home – what a fantastic trip in Peru! Around the time that you were cooling your heels at Cirque de Soleil we were in the jungle of Manu watching monkeys swing through the trees. It made me think – are we so fascinated with arboreal animals and trapeze artists because we are primates? Do we have somewhere in our brain stems a memory of that time when we could do the same? After all, there are no circuses that feature people walking on all fours or crawling across the floor like a snake. Something to think about…Jamie pooh poohs my idea, but I think you may appreciate it (I watched the orangutan video – we also have seen orangs in Sumatra).
    If, when, you ever make it back to the US (and divorce lawyers in Vermont? Really?), you are so welcome to come here. Summer is swimming in streams and biking, mountain climbing, winter is skiing (we prefer backcountry), fall – well you know about the foliage thing, and even March is good for sugaring (as in maple syrup).
    You’d be welcome to stay with us any time – assuming we’re not traveling!
    All the best to you in your peripetatic peregrinations,
    Tina (with my sidekick Jamie)

    • avatar Tony says:

      Thanks Tina. I think your theory makes total sense. 🙂 We had a great time meeting you two and maybe we will drop by for a visit when we get back to the States. I’ve always wanted to visit Vermont.

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