Years of traveling have taught us never to leave anything edible laying around in a thatched beach hut.

So, clever as we were, we packed all of our food items in a plastic bag and suspended it from the central ceiling beam. Little did we know that Seraya’s rats are quite the acrobats. In the middle of the night, we woke up to gnawing sounds. When I aimed my flashlight at the swinging plastic bag, the chewing suddenly stopped. The rat peaked out of the bag, looked around, then shot up the thin string like a rodent performer in Cirque du Soleil. By the time we jumped out of bed, our little rat burglar had disappeared into the grassy roof.

Unfortunately, in the morning it became apparent that the rat’s insatiable appetite hadn’t been limited to food. It also ate through my baseball hat AND my day pack… but not through any of Tony’s stuff, I might add. Rats! To be fair, Tony took the rat business a little more seriously. Anticipating the rat’s moves, he tightly wrapped his belongings into a rain poncho and positioned the parcel on a chair next to the bed from where he could see and hear any movement.

Oh well, that’s nature for you. Look around and you’ll probably discover more critters sharing the room with you – spiders, highways of ants, operatic tokay geckos (and sometimes even snakes).

3 responses to “Rats!!!”

  1. avatar Greeneyes says:

    Love the rat photo.
    He looks so innocent and if he is saying,
    “Who Me? I’m not doing anything but just sitting here watching you guys.”

  2. Bugs and critters running around at night are at the top of my list of why I could never live in the tropics.

    Once when Frank and I were camping on a beach along the Colorado River, I closed our food into a dry bag before bed. During the night a rodent chewed through the *%4%@ing rubberized canvas! No longer a “dry” bag.

    When Frank was hiking the PCT a deer ate through his hatband for the salt.

    I hope your pack is still usable.

    • avatar Thomas says:

      @Greeneyes, I know, isn’t he adorable…
      @Laurelle, who knows what’s crawling through your house without you noticing it. Unlike your waterproof bag, my backpack could be fixed. I had a local tailor sew a patch over it, and now it’s as good as new.

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