Hard Work

Life is hard on the road. We don’t want you thinking that we just sit on our butts and luxuriate all day on the beach. Being a Contemporary Nomad pushes the limits of endurance to the breaking point. Physical exhaustion is a real potential danger. Just click on the thumbnails below to read about our harrowing challenges.

3 responses to “Hard Work”

  1. avatar ken says:

    LOL! Good one,Tony! I loved the way you smiled sheepishly on the rather inhospitable and isolated beach. Thomas, I still get a kick out of your Mona Lisa-kinda smile.
    Your photographs are getting more and more professional! They are really high quality pictures. I am in awe. Thanks guys. Travel safe.

  2. avatar Beverly says:

    Very fun to click on the pics to get more info. Yah, definitely not for everyone. I mean seriously, no plasma!?!? 😉

  3. avatar rbakerc says:

    This made me laugh… and want to go to Sri lanka!

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