Jeepers Creepers!

As beautiful as the rainforest walk in Sinharaja was, we spent the first couple of hours shaking off the kind of creepers we are not too keen on – jungle leeches. Only after they turned Tony’s foot into a bloody mess and me into a convulsing wreck, did our guide share his precious Ayurvedic leech repellent with us. The sticky paste was applied around the soles of our shoes and kept the suckers at leeches’ length and wiggling with disgust. Now why didn’t he give us that stuff right at the beginning?!?

For those of you who venture into the south Asian jungles, get ahold of some of that stuff before you start your treks. It can be bought at many road-side hole-in-the-wall shops throughout the country. We’ll definitely be looking for it in the future.

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