Freda’s Taling Chan Adventure

Whenever we return to Bangkok, we always head straight to Taling Chan’s floating market to satisfy our cravings for fresh seafood and the best green papaya salad in the country. It was also the obvious place to take Freda for a delicious meal and an authentic Thai experience.

What makes Taling Chan so special, as we mentioned in a previous blog post, is the fact that it is hardly known among tourists. The weekend market is mostly a local affair with plenty of food and entertainment. It’s definitely worth setting at least half a day aside if you want to eat yourself into a stupor and go on a 2-hour boat tour through Bangkok’s muddy backwater channels.

The trip along the narrow waterways provides a glimpse of Bangkok away from glitzy downtown. Low wooden houses, tiny stores along the waterfront, green rice paddies, colorful orchid farms and golden temples remind visitors of a Thailand long ago. For Freda it was like traveling back in time to 1991 when she first visited here. Although Bangkok looks like a mega city at first sight, old Bangkok is still buried away in the backstreets. You just have to look a little harder.

By the way, bring some earplugs along to drown out the noise from the boat’s engine and the voice of the Thai tour guide. I couldn’t decide which one was worse. 😉

How to get to Taling Chan

To get to Taling Chan market, take the air-conditioned bus 79 either from Banglamphu or from downtown Bangkok from Central World Plaza.

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  1. I’m sure I’d love that boat tour. I remember taking a boat tour around Ullung-do on Korea’s east coast. The scenery was beautiful, but the stinking diesel fumes, the blaring Korean disco tunes, and the screeching amplified narrative kind of got in the way of full enjoyment . . . .

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