Bangkok Super-City

Mom is discovering that little old khlong-filled, polluted Bangkok has morphed into a modern, vibrant Asian capital. We’ve been exploring the elevated walkways, malls, restaurants, inner-city parks, coffee houses, and movie theaters of downtown Bangkok and she is taking in all the change.

Her reaction to the new Bangkok is quite similar to mine last year. She is embracing the modern Asian edge with a bit of sad reminiscing of what has been lost. Khlongs (canals) have been replaced by highways. Traditional sarong-clad market women have been replaced by punked-out fashionistas in spiky stilettos. Skyscrapers dwarf the temples and palaces. But that is the nature of change and that is what makes visiting Bangkok worthwhile – each trip feels like you are visiting the city for the first time.

2 responses to “Bangkok Super-City”

  1. So good to see all three of you together again!

  2. avatar Sandy Cates says:

    Freda, so happy you made it to Thailand. Wishing you the best vacation you have had in long, long, time. Love you cousin.
    Peace and Love.

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