Krabi’s Tiger Cave Temple

The Tiger Cave Temple just outside Krabi town is known for its big caves and big views. But what really captured my attention was the big trees along the nature walk behind the temple. One tree in particular stopped me in my tracks. It had to be the biggest buttressed trunk of any tropical tree I had ever seen anywhere in the world. It was bordering on the dimensions of a Sequoia!

Incredibly, the nature walk and the meditation caves were all but deserted during our visit. That’s more than you can say for Krabi’s beaches. Even the famous hike up the jagged karst mountain behind the temple to its amazing Buddha viewpoint seemed remarkably low-key. Apparently, people prefer relaxing in cool tropical waters to climbing through steamy jungle in the scorching mid-day heat. I mean seriously, people.

Notice Thomas standing in the viewing tower

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  1. Wow It is one of the interesting in Krabi Thailand.

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