Elma and Marnix

Dutch couple, Marnix and Elma, are the latest contemporary nomads we’ve traveled with. Back home in Nijmegen, the newlyweds decided to test their vows by bravely embarking on an extended honeymoon through Asia and Australia. Besides providing a great model for how to kick-start a new marriage, the pair’s travel plans include a very popular method of funding a long-term trip.

We first met Elma and Marnix on Kanawa where they were doing an advanced PADI course. They loved us so much that we decided to organize our Flores tour together. (Who are we to deny them? 😉 )

Marnix and Elma started their trip in Malaysia and Singapore and then moved on to Indonesia. Further plans were a little sketchy, but India, the Philippines and Australia were on the table. Of course, that’s where our expertise came in. We urged them to add Nepal to their itinerary and hit the Philippines during the whale shark season. After nearly five years in Asia, we’ve got those seasonal attractions down.

Marnix and Elma will be traveling in Asia for quite some time before they stop in Australia. There, they’ll take advantage of the famous work holiday visa to replenish their funds.

Many Europeans, Asians and Americans between the ages of 18 and 30 go to Australia for one year to work and travel. With their ever-popular work visa, the Australian government wants to encourage cultural exchange as well as allow extended travel in the country financed by short-term employment. (You, too, can spot kangaroos and clean toilets.) All jokes aside, many of the jobs are in the fruit-picking industry, and although they pay fairly well, they are hard work. That’s probably why there’s an age limit. 🙂 At the ripe old age of 30, Elma and Marnix are going to make it to magical Oz just in the nick of time.

Interestingly, while we were in Riung, Elma and Marnix met an Australian couple who ran a banana plantation in Queensland. Excited by the prospects of long work days, spiders, snakes, rain and fungal disease, they exchanged emails. I’m curious to see how they’ll feel about bananas after their time in Australia. All I can say is good luck guys. By the way, we had a blast traveling with you. Sorry for the quick goodbyes in Lembata, and watch out for those banana snakes!

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  1. avatar Greeneyes says:

    One of the greatest parts of travel is meeting and making friends throughout the world.
    and as we all know,
    Many of these can end up to be lifetime friends.

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