Walking Fish

They’ve got legs… and they know how to use them.

Holdouts who still like to deny the miracles of evolution might want to skip the cool little mangrove reserve in Tarakan. The place is literally crawling with ikan tempankul, walking fish that hop, skip and jump their way across the mangrove mud flats. We’ve seen mudskippers before in other mangrove forests, but Borneo’s seem to be an evolutionary step ahead of all the others. Simply amazing – almost as good as the pygmy seahorses we saw in Malapascua.

4 responses to “Walking Fish”

  1. avatar Freda says:


  2. avatar Ari says:

    I didn’t know that foreigners would be amazed at our mudskippers, hehehe…

  3. avatar Phinnel says:

    The fact that they are alive and not in fossil form should tell you they are not a product of evolution. Rather a species that always existed. Sorry, still holding for proof of something between species not just another example of a species.

    • avatar Tony says:

      That is precisely why we posted this particular piece. We have seen mudskippers from Africa to India to Southeast Asia. These mudskippers in Borneo have that extra little bounce in their step that really sets them apart. Their fin-feet let them bounce up into the trees and they can move much faster than other walking fish we have seen. In other words, they seem to have evolved past merely dragging themselves across the mud to something a little more spectacular.

      Perhaps evolution is a much easier concept for us to grasp because we move slowly across continents and can witness small variations in animals as we move. Subtle shifts in macaques alone would be enough to convince me. But when you start adding in all the bird and reptile species along the way, it really becomes convincing. And if that isn’t enough, start scuba diving. Pygmy seahorse adaption to various fans or subtle shifts in anemone shrimp species will win you over. I’ve never encountered any religion that offers anything as remotely intriguing as evolution. It’s stunning.

      On a related note, Thomas and I are quickly approaching the Wallace line. We can’t wait!!!

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