Dave and Bill

Tony, Dave, Bill and Thomas at Squidos

Early retirees Dave and Bill are the latest nomads we’ve encountered while staying in El Nido. The charismatic English/Scottish couple of 23 years has just recently left their home in cold and rainy Scotland in search of a quieter life abroad. The two are part of a wave of people we’ve been meeting all over Asia. These Contemporary Nomads choose to travel or live in countries much cheaper than their own where they can enjoy a higher standard of living for much less money.

But leaving their busy lives behind wasn’t a small step for the two Brits. Dave was a social worker, Bill owned two hair saloons, and together, they ran an organic farm on their 100 hectare property 20 minutes outside of Edinburgh. They were workaholics. After Dave’s near-death accident on their farm, however, they solidified their plans to retire early. They realized that having successful careers and running a farm was not their ultimate goal, but spending more time together and finding a small home in a warmer climate was.

Clearly, finding a house takes time. Bill and Dave are taking a year to travel through Southeast Asia, the Philippines, Australia and Southern Europe where they eventually want to settling down. Already, we are thinking of paying them a visit after having enjoyed their company in El Nido during our nightly dinners at Squidos. Dave turned out to be quite a storyteller, and Bill with his dry humor and strong Scottish accent constantly cracked us up. (Thanks, Bill, for distracting the drunk Fin who was terrorizing El Nido during our stay).

We are sad to say good-bye, but such is a nomad’s life. I know we’ll see them again, perhaps even along the way.

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