Kayaking and Snorkeling Palawan

Craving a little more adventure, Tony and I have been exploring Palawan’s beautiful coast by sea kayak. From the karst-enclosed coves of Coron Island to the hidden beaches of El Nido, we have been paddling to discover Palawan beyond the tourist bangka tours. As you can see in the video, it was well worth the effort.

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  1. Wahnsinn!!
    Ich bin ja sowas von urlaubsreif…

  2. avatar Sid says:

    Hello. Great movie. I would like to know what kind of movie camera you used.

    Also, how many hours of shooting did you take and how many days did it take.

    I am planning a trip to the Philippines and Palawan is one of the islands I am interested in visiting.

    • avatar Tony says:

      Thanks for the compliment. This particular film was shot with a Canon Powershot D10, an underwater point and shoot. Most of our other films were shot with a G7, which we lost about a month ago. I can’t really recommend the D10 because we have had issues with it leaking. Although I would suggest an underwater or water-resistant camera for Palawan because you’ll want to take it into the water or areas where it is likely to get wet. The film was shot over a month period in Palawan and it was the result of about an hour of total footage. Take plenty of memory because you’ll take LOTS of pictures in Palawan.

  3. avatar Megan Preece says:

    I was in El Nido last week and I’ve never been so depressed to leave somewhere!
    I’m hoping to get back in March and stay for as long as possible! It was absolute paradise!
    Great video!

  4. avatar Chris says:

    Hi, what will coron be like in august? I know the monsoon season has started , but I hope there still be some sunny days?

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