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Our good friend Beverly Gallagher recently took the plunge and went Nomadic. As we love to feature fellow Contemporary Nomads, we asked her to share a little about her adventures, and tell us about her new blog

What motivated you to pick up, take off, and start over abroad? Are you running from the law?

Well, if I’m running from anything, it’d be monotony!

Mapping out a new environment is a constant stimulant that presents opportunities to test your personal limits, and therefore allows you to grow. I want to be someone who is always learning whether that be taking a Bollywood dance class, a creative writing course, or trying to figure out why the heck…

Where are you now, and what have you been doing since you left the US?

I’m living in San José, Costa Rica right now. I’m working as a freelance writer and I’m also back to what I’ve done, and loved, for many years around the world – teaching English as a Foreign Language. Another reason I moved abroad again is because I don’t have to work as many hours to make a decent living. Teaching gives me plenty of time to travel and to focus on writing.

Do you intend to stay in Costa Rica, or do you intend to work/travel in other countries?

I like to call myself a lover of unscripted wanderlust, so we’ll see! I’ve moved on average every three years of my life. There are so many wonderful places to explore. I can’t imagine stopping now.

How are you intending to finance your new adventure?

I’m going to continue teaching English because it’s a great way to learn about a place and to meet new people. I love knowing that I’m helping people who are eager to learn another language whether it be for personal growth or for work.

As a freelance writer, I’m publishing features for various magazines and I’ve recently started working as a contributor for the Tico Times English newspaper in Costa Rica. I’m also a Web content writer and I’ve found quite a bit of work writing and editing Web sites. And, I’m blogging!

What is the most exciting thing that has happened to you?

For the first time in my life, I had my daypack stolen – fortunately I wasn’t carrying anything terribly important like my passport. I went to the police station and the officers suggested we go looking for the sospechosos, or the suspects. We jumped into a 1970’s, yellow tow truck and clanked down the freeway stopping for gas before arriving at the scene of the crime. Need I say more!

What difficulties have you experienced in your transition?

I like to work out at the gym but I haven’t found a place yet that is catered less toward the free-weight loving bodybuilder, and catered more toward the circuit-weight, yoga class loving crowd. So, I’ve had to make some adjustments. I take dance class twice a week and I jog in my neighborhood. Costa Rica is famous for its potholes, and this is no exaggeration. Would you believe that I’m using this to my advantage! I like to think of my jogging route as my urban cross-training course – I hurdle, lunge, and dodge my way through the streets. You’ve gotta be flexible – no pun intended!

What advice would you give to prospective Contemporary Nomads?

This is a huge lifestyle change. Even though a lot of us are very active, we’re not used to being challenged on a daily basis. Routine doesn’t easily set in, and for many this can be very tiring.

If you’re really going to do it, I suggest spending several months slowly pairing down your belongings. You’ll be amazed at how good it feels to let things go. Take a language class, do research and ask lots of questions. No matter how much you prepare, you will always meet with the unexpected, and this is what is so exciting.

Tell us about your blog

I’ve started NomadicNarrative to highlight slow and responsible travel, and a contemporary nomadic lifestyle – where people live with less to gain more freedom to explore and experience our incredible world. Nomadic Narrative seeks to inspire interest in and compassion for the many ways humans organize themselves around the world through spontaneous narratives, and interactive dialogues. Please post a thought or a question when you visit!

3 responses to “Beverly and”

  1. avatar evelyn says:

    Thanks, Tony and Thomas, so much for linking to Beverly’s blog. My spirit’s traveling with all of you contemporary nomads.

  2. avatar greeneyes says:

    Thanks so much Guys for the update on Beverly, one of my most favorite people.

    There is a lot going on in my life and to be able to escape into the “Nomadic side” is a special treat.

    P.S. I love the photos, keep them coming

  3. avatar Thomas says:

    Beverly has discontinued and has moved back to the United States.

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