Our Crazy Antarctica Family

An unexpected highlight of our trip way way way down under was the cast of crazy, fascinating, wacky, spectacular, smart, hilarious characters that became our family aboard the Akademik Sergey Vavilov. It had never really occurred to us before, but Antarctica attracts an especially awesome crowd of people.

These are people who value experiences above all else, people who treasure exotic destinations, wildlife, extraordinary landscapes and adventure. These people – both passengers and crew – are living a dream to sail to the edges of the earth. They don’t end up here by accident; they end up here because they think a bit differently from the average Joe. Throw in some zodiacs and a hula-hoop artist and you’ve got yourself one heck of a good time.

One of the most shocking moments of the trip was when we discovered that two passengers already knew us. One night over dinner, when I happened to mention that we were travel bloggers, Rosemary and Philip casually commented that their friends Malcolm and Sue had just hiked Ausangate in Peru with two travel bloggers. (Uh yeah, that was us!!!) And just like our Ausangate companions, Rosemary and Philip were using their retired years for some seriously impressive adventures. (I mean, really people, what are they putting in the water in Britain? Can we get some of that for the U.S. and Germany?)

From the moment we stepped onto the boat, it felt like we were traveling with friends. It started with introductions in the Vavilov’s observation lounge and continued from there. We talked and laughed and kayaked and climbed. We sipped pisco sours and enjoyed the views from the world’s greatest jacuzzi. We hula-hooped in an icy wilderness and plunged into polar waters. We dined indoors and barbecued on deck. We revelled in the joys of Antarctica as one giant Antarctic family. 🙂

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Disclosure: We received a discounted media rate on our One Ocean Expeditions cruise. However, all of the opinions expressed here are our own. As of Oct. 31, 2019, according to several news sources, One Ocean Expeditions has experienced financial challenges resulting in trip cancellations and company restructuring. Please check on current conditions before booking with them.

11 responses to “Our Crazy Antarctica Family”

  1. avatar Kyle says:

    Great shots. Antarctica would certainly attract a very special kind of traveler. I wonder how different the feeling is with different companies.

    • avatar Tony says:

      @Kyle, We have heard that different companies have different onboard “cultures”. We are also very curious as to how the Antarctica experience would be with a different company. It certainly couldn’t be any better than what we experienced. We thought One Ocean Expeditions was one of the most professional companies we have ever worked with.

  2. avatar Melanie says:

    That first pic is AMAZING!

  3. avatar Ned says:

    Looks like a really fun group of people. I would love to go to Antarctica. Does that make me crazy, fascinating, wacky, spectacular, smart and hilarious, too? :-$

    • avatar Tony says:

      @Ned, No. You have to actually go the Antarctica. That will make you crazy, fascinating, wacky, spectacular, smart and hilarious. 😉

  4. avatar Mary S - Houston says:

    Tony & Thomas – looks like you have ditched your wild and crazy Salkantay trek partners from Houston for a new and wilder crowd 🙁 Seriously, Antarctica looks amazing! Hope Joe and I make it there one day.

    • avatar Tony says:

      Hey Mary and Joe,

      Never, never, never. We miss our Salkantay family just as much. You guys need to go to Antarctica. It’s adventurous, super rewarding, and you will LOVE the crowd.

  5. avatar Camaran says:

    Tony and Thomas,

    I always come back to your page on Antarctica to be reminded of just how fantastic an experience it was. And I see there is a video now! I loved this trip and the way you presented it in your blog is absolutely perfect to the spirit of how it truly was! Hope your travel life is treating you well!!


  6. avatar Brianna Baker says:

    Hi this is Brianna baker from the Antarctica boat. i had so much fun in Antarctica and so wish i could go back again. was nice meeting everyone on the boat and learning lots about Antarctica and the animals, talking to people was also a great chance to learn from others. its nice catching up with people from the boat. hope to talk soon
    thanks Brianna.

    • avatar Thomas says:

      Hi Brianna,

      Great to hear from you, I hope you and you family are doing well. We also miss Antarctica, we would love to go there every year; it was such a fantastic trip and a highlight of our travels. Were your friends all jealous when you told them you went to Antartica or did they just wonder why you went to such a cold place? (That happened to us quite a few times).

  7. avatar Brianna Baker says:

    they did wonder why we went there and there were a lot of questions about why we went and what we did

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