Another Kind of Overnight Ferry

When we realized out best option to travel from Iloilo to Cebu City was a 14-hour overnight ferry, I cringed. As you might remember, our last ferry trip here left a lot to be desired.

It turns out that there is an entirely different ferry experience to be had in the Philippines. Cokaliong Shipping Lines was offering a two-person suite with in-cabin bathroom, TV, and aircon – all for an incredible 2200 Pesos! Are you serious? $48 to travel halfway across the Visayas in an air-conditioned suite!!! I didn’t have to think twice about that.

Love, exciting and new,
Come aboard.
We’re expecting you.
Love, life’s sweetest reward.
Let it flow,
it floats back to you…

OK, so it may not quite be the Love Boat, but it’s light-years beyond our old slave ship to El Nido.

Ferry Tips

Do your homework when you book ferries in the Philippines. There are massive quality differences  between ferry companies, and those quality differences often make little difference in price. There are amazing bargains available, especially on overnight trips. Keep your eyes open for special offers listed in malls and magazines, ask locals and hotel staff for advice, and google those ferry routes.

2 responses to “Another Kind of Overnight Ferry”

  1. avatar laurelle says:

    Okay. The simple fact that you know the lyrics to The Loveboat theme PROVES that you are one sick puppy.

  2. avatar Tony says:

    Actually, I am quite proud of my encyclopedic knowledge of 70s and 80s TV theme songs.

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