Waterfalls and Falling Water

The benefits of taking a tour became QUITE apparent today, and this is only day one. Perhaps, the main attraction of Flores is simply driving through the island’s spectacular mountainous landscape – every turn is absolutely stunning.

Frans took us off the main highway for miles along very small (and potholed) one-lane road into a jungle-filled side valley to visit the beautiful waterfall Cunca Rami. Getting here independently would have required A LOT of effort. (Perhaps, too much effort.) But rolling up to the trailhead in an air-conditioned SUV was pure luxury. Am I getting spoiled? Perhaps.

But I was happy to be a little spoiled when heavy rainstorms broke out in the second half of the day. I kept imagining Marnix, Elma, Thomas and me walking the streets of Ruteng looking for hotels in the downpour. Instead, we just had to run ten feet from the car to the guest house. I may never take a chicken bus again. (I wish!!!)

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