TnT – the Documentary

Garrett, Lisa, Thomas and Tony

Our friends, Lisa and Garrett, have joined us in Phnom Penh for the rather unique purpose of making a documentary on our lives. Lisa, a professor of sociology at the University of San Diego, has been following us for eight years documenting our lives in San Diego, Berlin, and now on the road. Lisa is studying the ways that current legal and cultural limitations on gay binational couples have altered the course of our lives ultimately leading us to go nomadic.

Filming the TnT Documentary

Shooting locations in Phnom Penh have included hotel rooms, roof-top terraces, road-side food stalls, the Silver Temple, busy markets, and the Cambodia-Vietnam Friendship Monument. Lisa and Garrett will be with us for 11 days interviewing us and documenting our daily routines as we move north to Kampong Chhnang and Batambang on our way to Siem Reap to see Angkor Wat. This portion of Lisa’s documentary is going to have some serious backdrops – we can’t wait to see the end product!

3 responses to “TnT – the Documentary”

  1. avatar hint says:

    So, so, Ihr wart also auch mal jung…. Die vielen Haare! Jetzt wuerden wir natuerlich auch gerne den Berlin-Teil des Films sehen! Und sicher findet Ihr auch Euer Plaetzle. Aber wenn wenn man Eurer blog so anschaut, habt Ihr das eh schon gefunden!
    hugs amd kuessles, Leonie

  2. avatar lisanunn says:

    Isn’t this exciting! It is going to be a great film. I can already tell.

  3. avatar Thomas says:

    I just noticed that we hadn’t put in the link to Excluded the Movie, so here it is.

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