Our BBC Interview on The Travel Show

Interview on BBC's The Travel Show

We just did a BBC interview for their Valentine’s Day episode of The Travel Show. The episode is about how couples travel together and was aired on Feb. 13th on BBC2 in the UK. It will also be shown several times on BBC World News throughout this week (Here’s a link to the schedule.). Also check out this short clip of our appearance on their program. We’re not sure if this was the full segment or just a preview. Let us know if you saw the whole show.

Live on Instagram

ContemporaryNomad.com is now live on Instagram. Ever since we arrived in Peru, we have been uploading shots of our daily adventures to our new account. It’s a great way to follow our daily activities, and it allows us to document some of our adventures live. Pretty cool. It’s also a great way for friends and fellow nomads to check out our current location should anyone want to get together for a beer or, perhaps, jaguar tracking in the Amazon.

You don’t have to sign up to view the pics, but if you do have an account, don’t forget to follow us, like our photos, and leave tons of comments. We love to hear from everybody.

USA TODAY Nomination

USA Today
We’ve been nominated as one of USA Today’s best travel blogging couples. Readers are asked to vote for their favorite couple and the top ten will be revealed after voting closes on August 6, 2014. It is already a great honor to be nominated, but we sure would love to be in the top 10. So if you have a few minutes to spare, please head over to the voting page and vote for us. If you need some convincing why we deserve to be on the list, here are a few of our accomplishments Continue…

Interview with LashWorldTour.com

Fellow travel blogger and friend Lash at LashWorldTour.com has a fascinating interview up on her site this week… an interview with us! (Sorry people, modesty is not a virtue in travel blogging.) In the interview, we discuss a range of topics from getting jaded when you travel long-term to psychological damage related to karaoke to my fetish for city walls. Check out the interview on her site, and also take a look around at some of the great content she has as well.

TnT Named Among Best Travel Blogger Couples

We have been included in Easyjet’s list of Best Travel Blogger Couples. Apparently, this list was published months back but it just recently came to our attention. So are we just the token gay couple? Is this just a shameless attempt to get us to link back to them?

Who cares?

We love the fact that they included us in the list as well as Globetrotter Girls. That dedication to diversity definitely merits a link and a little attention. Thanks Easyjet!

Torn Apart

Our lives are unusual. We are adventurers, we are gay, we are nomads, and we are different nationalities. Yes, our story is so queer that it has been made into a documentary. And now, our story even appears in the newly published book Torn Apart, which demonstrates that we are not that unique after all – by no means.

There are thousands of other same-sex binational couples out there where one partner is American and the other is not. All of their lives are unusual, all with stories to tell, all waiting for marriage equality to give them a place to build a life together.

Torn Apart: United by Love, Divided by Law tells the story of the author Judy Rickard and her British partner Karin as well as the stories of 17 other same-sex binational couples whom Judy interviewed. Each story is equally compelling, each story is a testament to why marriage and immigration equality are so essential.

By following the link, you can read an excerpt from the book and the foreword by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love. If you buy the book directly from Findhorn Press, they’ll donate $4 to one of the groups working to overcome immigration hurdles for same-sex binational couples. You can even choose where your donation goes: Immigration Equality, Love Exiles, or Out4Immigration.

Binational Couples Discover ContemporaryNomad.com

First and foremost, Thomas and I travel because we love adventure and discovery. This, after all, is a travel blog. But as many of you know, we also travel for political reasons. Being a binational gay couple has seriously complicated our lives in the sedentary world. Years of bureaucratic and cultural complication left us wanting to leave it all behind.

Our declaration of independence and self determination has captured the attention of many fellow binational couples who see hope in our story. More and more of you are coming to this website and are “liking” us on Facebook. We have also received numerous personal emails recounting stories of hardship, stories which are very familiar to us.

The cruel and unusual flip-flopping that has occurred in the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) during the last week has left thousands of binational couples feeling desperate and confused. The hope that the end of this battle was within sight was quickly crushed. We have experienced this type of disappointment a hundred times over. It can be devastating, especially for young couples who are just learning the level of discrimination they face in order to stay together. For this reason, we have decided to post the Youtube version of Excluded: Nowhere to Go, the documentary detailing our struggle as a binational couple, here on our site. The documentary was made by Dr. Lisa Nunn, a professor of sociology at the University of San Diego, who will be presenting the film at the Fallbrook Film Festival on Saturday April 9, 2011.

The video is in four segments. When the first segment finishes, click the video to continue on to the next segment. Just in case there are difficulties linking between segments, we have posted the other three segments here: Continue…

Matt Gibson’s Interview with TnT

Matt Gibson, a Taiwan-based travel writer and photographer, just recently published an interview with us on Transitions Abroad about the art and business of travel blogging.

What you read there, however, was only part of the full interview. Matt has put up some of the remaining questions on his own blog Matt-Gibson.org where we answer questions about our favorite and most popular blog posts, strange things that happened to us on the road, and how our relationship got us into long-term travel.

Tony Eitnier and Thomas Arnold, authors of the Contemporary Nomad travel blog, live quintessentially postmodern lives. Arnold, a German chemist, and Eitnier, an American language and communications trainer, started their travels as a couple without a home. Because of the exclusionary marriage laws in their respective countries>> Continue Reading on Matt-Gibson.org >>

Lonely Planet Picks Us Up

We just noticed a spike in visitors coming from LonelyPlanet.com. Apparently, Lonely Planet liked our recent Philippine posting “What a Dollar Can Buy You” so much that they invited Lonely Planet Facebookers to comment on what a dollar buys in various locations around the world.  They have written up the results in an article titled What $1 buys around the world and referred visitors to our original content. Thanks, Lonely Planet.

I should point out here that I write a “What a Dollar Can Buy You” posting for each country we visit. You can check out the entire series here.