Thinking of Bangkok

We’re sitting here in the Philippines watching the government crackdown in Bangkok on CNN. How surreal. Although only a small part of Bangkok is occupied by Red Shirt protesters, it is the very area we walked through every day while we were in the city.

Protesters in Bangkok

We see walls of tires with bamboo spears jutting out on corners we used to pass by, gun fights in Lumphini Park, armed vehicles advancing on the Rachaprasong intersection, an area we passed through multiple times a day. It feels like our second home is under siege.

We hope all our friends in Thailand are safe: Poy, Ning, Mr. T, grandma, our friends at 7 Eleven, the little person who plays the Leprechaun at the Irish pub, the staff at the local restaurant near the tobacco factory, everyone who welcomed us and made our stay so memorable. We just wanted everyone to know we are thinking of you.

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  1. avatar Tony says:

    Now they are announcing that Central World is on fire. Visitors to our site might remember Thailand’s largest mall from our post Bangkok Balloon Art World Challenge. If you know Bangkok, you’ll realize how shocking all these events are. It’s WAY beyond the Yellow Shirt airport occupation in 2008.

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