Thick Air

As we moved from Amritsar to Delhi, the region was experiencing record levels of pollution. These were some of the most nightmarish environmental conditions we have seen anywhere causing serious health issues and leaving us both completely nauseated and our lungs burning.

Anyone out there who still doubts humanity’s ability to impact the planet should be forced to live in these conditions for an extended period of time. That’ll teach you!

2 responses to “Thick Air”

  1. avatar laurelle says:

    Apology in advance for being preachy, but I must speak.

    Carrying capacity is real. Humans do not live outside the physical laws of nature. If you pack too many (what is too many?) waste-producing creatures into a confined space, they will out-consume resources, pollute habitat, and attack one-another in order to survive. All of these symptoms are present in our crowded urban areas. And as humans consume more energy to move from place to place, build more factories and power plants to produce and run our electronic devices, strip the earth of resources in some areas and dump our waste in others, conditions will only get worse.

    It is no longer science fiction.

  2. avatar greeneyes says:

    Ditto to what Laurelle said

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