Angering Indian Railways

Gee, I think we upset somebody working for Indian Railways with our posting on the Rajdhani Express. Or, at least, we upset someone using the YouTube login indianrailways. Before our posting had even gone public on, he had found our video on YouTube and TRASHED it in the comment section.

We must be doing something right!

Actually, his comments reveal a great deal on increasing Indian nationalism and extreme sensitivity to critique (even if humorous) of the country. Ironically, he seems to be most upset about our statement that it smelled like raw sewage on the platform. As he commented, it is true that India usually smells like an open sewer; however, the Ahmedabad train station was having serious issues the day we left, which even had Indians gagging.

If you want to check out his rants for yourself, you can read his comments by clicking here. (By the way, what happened between the first comment and the second?)

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