The Turtles of Derawan

As we hinted at in our last posting, little Derawan is blessed with some pretty phenomenal natural attractions. The first and most obvious of these attractions is the ridiculous number of green turtles which call the waters around Derawan their home.

Now if you saw our recent video on Sipadan, you might be thinking that little islands with large numbers of turtles are nothing new. Oh, so wrong. It’s estimated that over 4000 of these miraculous creatures are found in the shallows around Derawan and neighboring Panjang. That’s A LOT of turtles!

In one ten minute swim, I encountered 12 stunning specimens, many of which were quite large. Walk out on any of the docks in the village and you immediately spot a collection of turtles grazing on the sea grass below. The locals also occasionally throw banana leaves into the water for them to munch on, which is clearly a major draw.

We have literally spent hours swimming alongside these amazing creatures watching them graze, dig in the sand, interact with each other, and react to us. If you really love turtles (and we do), I am quite certain there are very few places on the planet that can compete with Derawan.

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  1. avatar Freda says:

    Clearly, you have found Heaven

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