We travel for the sole purpose of discovering places like Derawan. For the next five minutes in human history, Derawan will be THE eco-tourism hotspot in Kalimantan. It’s at that magical point when accommodation, food options, isolation and serious attractions all come together to create that blissful vision of backpacker perfection. (I’m talking real backpacker perfection, not flashpacker strips of bars and tourist kitsch.)

Although not quite the quintessential tropical paradise presented in Indonesian tourist literature – locals need to clean up their act a little for that – tiny little Derawan features so many undersea wildlife attractions that this tiny dot of land still qualifies for my list of fantasy islands. So what can you see here? Stay tuned to the blog to find out.

One response to “Derawan”

  1. Fantasy Island? I love it! As you say though, “for the next five minutes . . .” It’s already dead.

    But then, aren’t we all . . . ?

    Thanks for the comment on my blog post. I wish getting you here were as easy as wanting it to be so.

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