The Grasslands

Relaxing on the Grasslands

Tagong is surrounded by the most phenomenal grasslands – it feels like we are in the middle of a green dune sea. The Tibetans above invited us to sit with them and drink yak milk diluted with hot water. The diluted milk was horrible, but the company and the setting were pure joy.

Yaks Grazing in the Grasslands

We hiked on past the yak herds (stepping very carefully) towards the mountains in the distance. Reaching the top of a small ridge, the grasslands before us opened up into a carpet of wildflowers. It turns out that we have arrived in the Tagong grasslands at the exact moment the wildflowers bloom!!!

The Grasslands in Bloom

2 responses to “The Grasslands”

  1. avatar ranjau says:

    Oh my god! I have always dreamt of running through a grassland like that. Well, maybe carefully if there are yak pies around.

  2. avatar mathias says:

    Hey, what great luck that you just came there at the time of blossom 🙂
    I heard that this occurs only during a single week (well, at least in Mongolia).
    The vast grasslands remind me of a great exhibition I saw here in Berlin about the ancient Scythians. They probably didn’t live so far east as Tibet, though.
    Here’s a (German) article in the Spiegel.


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