Temple Socks for Sensitive Soles

Indians love to go barefoot. Every time you enter a temple, a church or a mosque, you are asked to remove your shoes. Not such an unusual request. Clearly removing your shoes before entering a holy building has its logic. Especially when the streets outside are so filthy.

But the request becomes a little more challenging when you are asked to remove your shoes before climbing a holy mountain or entering a huge temple compound in hundred degree temperatures. It’s not unusual to see foreigners, who don’t have massively calloused feet, running from bit of shade to bit of shade to keep from frying their delicate footsies.

And sometimes temples and holy areas tend to double as construction sites or trash burning locations. Not great for sensitive soles. Some of the large temples in Tamil Nadu have colonies of bats living in them leaving a nice sticky layer of guano on the floor. Or in dark hallways, I’ve stepped in loogies, puddles of urine, or other forms of mysterious temple goo.

So, are slimy feet the price you pay to witness India’s cultural heritage? Not necessarily. Some well prepared temple visitors bring along a pair of rugged temple socks for that extra layer of protection. As ridiculous as it may sound, after a couple of loogie encounters, you’ll be a convert.

However one small caveat, some temples have taken the rather bizarre additional step of prohibiting socks! To enjoy these hardcore institutions, you’ll just have to brave the goo or risk fried feet.

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  1. avatar carrieannmarco says:

    That is just gross! Icky!

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