Street Spam

What does Manila have in common with your email spam inbox? Two things: Viagra and Cialis. While walking through Malate and Ermita, two of Manila’s traveler-friendly neighborhoods, shifty-eyed men are constantly thrusting boxes of these pills into our faces.

Viagra and Cialis

At first, I was slightly offended – after all, I’m only 40 – do I look like I need Viagra? But when I talked to a 23-year-old English tourist who complained about the same thing, I realized it had nothing to do with age at all.

It’s really more of a testimony as to what’s going on in this part of town: ladyboys, whores, massage parlors, and skanky dive bars. The church and its propaganda posters are everywhere, but it appears that the only thing that seems to really concern Rome is not using birth control. I wish the guys would walk around handing out condoms to the street families.

Now that I’m done giving my opinion, just one quick question: Who is dumb enough to buy Viagra and Cialis from some skuzzy guy in the street?

3 responses to “Street Spam”

  1. avatar AdventureRob says:

    Definitely a sign of the area you are in! I’ve not been offered viagra before in asia, although I’ve not been to the Phillipines

  2. avatar Adelle says:

    man you have no idea, everything is possible in Manila and besides people here are desperate for cheap meds. Peace

  3. avatar carrieannmarco says:

    I know FAR too many people who buy street drugs. I am amazed to see the skuzzier skuzzies who travel to those regions for sex tourism. Moreover, I am always amazed to see raw desperation.

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