Our First Manta!!!

Embedded video similar to what we saw

We came to Malapascua to see the thresher sharks, but this island has gifted us with one spectacular animal after another from giant seahorses to schools of squid to mandarin fish to white-tip sharks. We are definitely getting our money’s worth here. But this afternoon, the gift of all gifts was a mind-blowing 5+ meter (16+ foot) manta which came hovering in over us like a massive underwater UFO at one of Monad Shoal’s cleaning stations.

As if that weren’t enough of a show, a thresher shark came swimming in behind us as we were manta spotting. An afternoon thresher is a rare sight at Monad Shoal. You’ve got to love those lucky days.

Again because of the loss of our underwater camera while diving in Sabang, we are using another diver’s Youtube video of a manta viewing in Malapascua. The video is virtually identical to what we saw underwater. Notice how the manta swims into the cleaning station, turns and then allows the fish to pick off the parasites.

Tips on Manta Spotting in Malapascua

Dive shops in Malapascua regularly offer afternoon manta-spotting dives at Monad Shoal. Mantas are less common than thresher sharks, so it is a bit of a gamble whether you want to dive the unattractive shoal with a chance of seeing a manta or dive one of the more beautiful coral sites around Malapascua. We gambled and won, but most of the divers on our boat did not see a manta. The choice is yours.

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