Mysterious Sand

Although Kuta’s main beach, Pantai Segar, is often overlooked due to the more beautiful white-sand beaches outside town, a closer look reveals a rather extraordinary natural phenomenon.

Each tiny grain of sand looks like a hand-chiseled work of art. Sure, the perfect little spheres are pretty, but walking across them is like walking across a miniature boulder field. Every step of the way, you sink in up to your ankles. Yes, it’s exhausting, but worth the picture. (And no, the grains of sand aren’t really that big, this is just a serious macro shot.)

2 responses to “Mysterious Sand”

  1. At first glance I thought these grains of sand were fish eggs of some sort 😉 I love Mother Nature’s artwork!

    I was in Kuta ages ago, but don’t remember the sand. Clearly, I need to go back there again. Especially appealing because I’m living in Moldova right now and winter has arrived.

    • avatar Thomas says:

      Being from Germany, I can very well imagine the weather right now. Honestly, I haven’t missed the cold at all.

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